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[Solved] fence clearing with a flame gun

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We have allot of fencing that running through wood land and inaccessible areas - never liked brush cutters in that they seem to take allot of time. Normally I walk with a bill hook keeping the worst of the brush and brambles back. The other day looked at a sheen x300 flame gun. Ironically had one which I chucked a few years ago which belonged to my grandfathers (but it was pretty rusty).

Just wondered if anyone here already does similar? walking through on a damp or rain forecast day to give the foliage a quick burn back? Would it be a case of give the stem a good roasting and kill off the rest of the bush above?

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There's plenty of experience with flame weeding crops, maize, onions, garlic especially. Tiny weeds kill easily and can be weeded from those crops without harming the crop. Grasses are tougher to kill. Brush would be very tough to kill, the leaves would be easy to kill if not wet, but the stems will take tens of seconds to minutes to kill with heat.

Wall-E with a magnifying glass is what you'd need