About Us

SRIC wish to join hands with all concerned stakeholders at international, national and local levels to initiate and promote use of ICT for Education, Agriculture and Renewable Energy  in a sustainable way to support green economy of the country.

Vision    :  Aiming to innovate a better future for society.

Mission   : To provide innovative , quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services to enrich local community. —-to improve living conditions of people .


The Objectives are as follows:

  • To popularize and promote the use of ICT in Education, Agriculture  and in Energy.
  • To achieve Sustainable development Goals .
  • To give ICT trainings to the youth ,students and Educators.
  • To protect the environment.
  • “To develop the commercially viable alternative energy industries in the country.”
  • To exchange resources  technology and information with both national and international institution.
  • To do partnership , collaboration and networking with the local government and other stakeholders.
  • To carry out research and academic activities on the contemporary issues related to the national development and advancement of society.
  • To raise the living standard of the rural people via ICT .